Saturday, November 17, 2012

Jars?...Who Knew?

This was a super fun project!  I was inspired by this blog  I thought this was such a great recycling or up-cycling idea. 

I have been working, albeit very slowly on re-doing my upstairs bathroom.  We have lived in our house for over 16 years and this is the only room I have not done a thing to.  So, it is time.  And it is a slow process due to money and time.  You know...the two things that always get in the way.    But I finally finished this little project and I love it. 

I used a garlic jar, a pickle jar, a salsa jar and a fake cheese jar.  Yes, we do eat the fake cheese when we have nachos night.  Please don't judge me.  The tray is a metal snowman tray I think from the dollar store or something.  I had that in my pantry. 

I got the knobs at Hobby Lobby.  They always have them at 50% off and there are some really fun colors and designs.   Then I asked my hubby to drill holes in the center of the lids.  You can see that in the above picture. 

Obviously I had to get the labels off the jars, and surprisingly enough it was really easy.  Then, I soaked them in a little bleach water to get the food smells out.  I really did not want my cotton balls smelling like pickles when I used one.  It worked pretty good, but I would suggest soaking the lids as well.  I thought the paint would do the trick but I wasn't quite enough. 

I am using what my husband calls "70's colors" in this bathroom.  Just in the accents.  But I love it.  Here is a picture of the window curtain (which is actually a shower curtain).

I know it is a terrible picture, the light is awful in there and taking a picture toward a window doesn't work very well.  But I think you can see the colors. 

So, I used Rustoleum brand spray paint in blue, yellow, orange, brown and green and sprayed the outside of the lids and the top and bottom of the snowman tray.  It took several coats. 

After the paint was completely dry I added the knobs and placed them on the jars.  You don't even have to screw the lids onto the jars.  They just sit there nicely so they are easily removed. 

I think they turned out really fun!  What do you think?  What projects have you done with recycled jars?

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