Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Back Porch Update

My back porch was in dire need of an update.  When we moved in our house over 16 years ago we made a box for snow boots, etc.  The only thing is...we never got it finished.  We were going to put a "lid" on the box so there would be a place to sit while putting on and taking off shoes.  This is how it remained from that point on.

Okay, pretty bad, huh?  In my defense it did not always have this much stuff in it but I am going to admit this was there for a lot longer than it should have been.  Anyway, it was a catch-all for junk that I didn't know where to put.  But, you can see a small portion of the box and you can see there is no top to make a seat.  

 Well, look at it a little later.  My husband finally got the top done.  I am so excited.  So, I gave it a nice coat of paint.  Then, I decided I needed a place for guests to hang their coats.  There are coat racks on one wall but ours take up all the spaces and that leaves nothing for guests.  I found a shelf, well actually it was made to be a wooden window valance, in our garage.  These were in the house when we purchased it.  I asked my husband to add a piece of wood to it so we could put hooks on it.  He added that and a piece of decorative trim and I painted it white. 

 Then I added some scrapbook paper and some vinyl lettering and the hooks.  I purchased some small containers from Target and made tags using Photoshop Elements to label them for mittens and scarves.  This was a really fun project. 

And here is the room so far!  What do you think? 

It is getting better, right?  Then next think I plan to do is a cushion on the wood box.  I have already purchased the fabric but I am having trouble getting the foam.  Did you know that it is really expensive?  I had no idea.  Anyway, I am working on it and hopefully will get it done within the next few weeks.  I am also going to decorate some canvases to hang by the glass door leading into the kitchen.  Just some decor!  I will give you updates as I go!  I am loving it so far.  It has really added to this room and it makes me feel so much more organized which is my ultimate goal. 

If you want to see my Thanksgiving centerpiece and place cards for our table check out the Moxxie Blog for my latest post.  It is up today at 8:00 am I believe.  Have a great holiday everyone!

Until next time,


  1. Beautiful! So glad the bench is finished, but I adore what you did with the shelf!