Monday, January 10, 2011

No Cooking Tonight

When I got home Jeff told me that we did not have to make supper tonight. I was kind of happy. My mom invited us over for Roast beef, green beans, garlic bread and potatoes. It was very yummy.

So, I don't have any tales to tell about the meal planning thing, so I decided to post pics of my craft room. I really do love it.

My husband did all of it e xcept the painting of the walls. He is the most wonderful! The closet shelving and organizational cubbies are my Christmas present from my family. I am so excited. The cubbies are from Neatnix. I just got them today but I can't wait to get them filled up. I am not sure I have enough to fill them all now and it is nice to know that I will have future storage. I am off work tomorrow so am looking forward to getting things put away.

Have a great day!

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  1. You guys are probably hungry! I keep forgetting to get my quinoa recipe to you, and it was your plan for at least 2 days ago!! SO sorry!