Friday, January 14, 2011

A New Place to Craft!

You all know that I love to craft. Who doesn't, right? Since I closed my store at the end of May last year I have had many people stop and ask me if I miss it and if I am going to be teaching any more classes and if we can get together to scrapbook sometime. Well, all this will now be available.

Peggy, Kathy Jackson and I are starting "The Craft Spot" in Emmetsburg. It will be located inside K. Jackson & Co. in the back. We have set up tables and chairs for crafting. You will even be able to store some of your supplies there if you want. It is a membership based club that will allow you to come in and work on your own anytime the store is open, and to attend classes and events. It is not just for card makers and scrapbookers. It is open to all crafters. Do you knit, needlepoint or quilt? This is a place for you too. In fact, not only should you join, you should think about teaching the rest of us how to knit and sew.

We are hosting an open house for the club and have sent out a lot of invitations. But, if you do not receive an invitation and would like to attend, please do. It is not by invitation only. Bring your friends if they like to craft as well.

The open house will be Wednesday, January 26th at 6:30 pm. Come in, complete a free make n take and see what the Craft Spot is all about.

We want to make it "a fashionable place to craft".

See you there!



  1. I am so, so excited about this! I really encourage everyone to stop in to see the space and hear all the's so EASY!

    Thanks for posting. :)

  2. Great idea!!! Good luck from the Worthington Club!!

  3. I hope to come, can't wait to check it out!!! I've been waiting for a club like this :)