Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Kitty Wall of Fun

Well thanks to one of the best websites ever created, Pinterest I had another brilliant idea and project for my husband.  He is loving Pinterest as well I am sure.  LOL!  But, this one he liked because it was for our dear kitties.  We have four!  Crazy?  Maybe, but that is beside the point.  We call it the Wall of Fun.  It is a series of boards that we painted and attached to the wall in the front porch of our house.  The cats can jump from one to the next and even around the corner.  Lizzie Ann, the calico in the pictures loves it more than the others.  She is constantly up there having a grand time.  Chloe Marie fell the first day because she was reaching for a string that my son was holding up, so she is now skeptical and PeeWee (who is actually quite large) just doesn't feel comfy on the smaller shelves.  Ali, is sort of a loner and will only venture up there if there are no other cats around.  But, I think the project is worth it every time I see one of them up there. 

I was away from home with my laptop so I created a digital layout with my pics of this great project.  I used the With a Little Help From my Friends kit that was made for designer Lauren Grier by a bunch of other designers when she got sick and couldn't design for a while.  It was a great fundraiser for her.  I am thrilled to use it. It is jam packed with elements and papers.  I had a hard time choosing.  I am not sure if this particular kit is still available but here is the link to Sweet Shoppe Designs where I purchased it.  Even if you can't find this kit, there are tons and tons to choose from.  Remember these are digital kits!  If you haven't tried digital scrap booking you should.  It is so fun and so easy to do when you are away and can't get to your traditional supplies.  I am warning you though, it is just as addictive as traditional scrapbook or card making.  There, now you have been warned! 

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